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We have over 20 years’ land drilling experience, delivering dynamic and adaptable field drilling, probing and in-situ testing.

Our land drilling capabilities include concrete coring, foundation pits, rotary drilling, restricted access window sampling, cable percussive, handheld window samples, California Bearing Ratio (CBR) testing, all-terrain window sampling and monitoring wells.

All our drillers are qualified to NVQ Level 2 in Land Drilling, first aid trained and hold CSCS and SSSTS cards.

Use us for standalone drilling, or alongside our in-house contaminated land and geotechnical consultancy services.

We deliver a range of comprehensive land drilling techniques, with equipment suited to various depths, for any type of ground investigation. Our expertise covers a range of sites: open land, confined spaces, within buildings and limited access. We also work on remote sites throughout the UK, helping to deliver projects such as high ground communication towers and wind power installations.

Why use us?

  • UK-wide delivery, with a dynamic and adaptable service
  • Full compliance with health and safety/ British Standards
  • Experts in standalone drilling
  • Supplemented by in-house consultancy
  • Safe and compliant ground survey
  • Tight programme and budget control
  • Close liaison with our clients
  • All rigs are to current British Standards
  • All our drillers are qualified to NVQ Level 2 in Land Drilling and hold CSCS, First Aid and SSSTS cards

Our land drilling services

All-terrain window sampling

Our all-terrain window sampling rubber-tracked vehicle allows access across difficult terrain or steep slopes, including remote sites, such as high ground communication towers and wind power installations. The rubberised tracks and wide bases are excellent for minimal disturbance to the underlying ground, and it has the capacity to carry equipment.

The attached dynamic windowless sampling rig will drill to a depth of 6m. With the correct geology, it can achieve greater depths.

Hand-held drilling

It is necessary on occasion to access remote locations where conventional window sample rigs would prove unsuccessful. To achieve this, we utilise our handheld window sample system. Conventional or window type barrels are driven by using a handheld hydraulic breaker. Hydraulic rams are then used to remove the barrel, allowing the recovery of samples at shallow depths.

Achievable drilling depths for this type of method vary depending on the geology but it is used for overburden sampling of unconsolidated material, usually to depths of 2 to 3m. If required, these can be installed for shallow gas and groundwater monitoring.

Rotary drilling

Rotary rigs can be used for sites that require deep drilling (>30mbgl), such as mining investigations or where there is a requirement for cores.

Drilling can be open hole for fast drilling, to deep strata or cored, to provide solid samples to allow assessment of bedrock for geotechnical properties, and can be air or water flushed, depending upon the type of investigation and the water source.

To ensure full health and safety compliance, all locations will be subject to an initial CAT and Genny survey as standard prior to drilling. In addition, a 1.2m hand dug pit will be excavated to establish service clearance.

Concrete coring

We have the capability to undertake concrete coring using a diamond bit, whether from the windowless sampling, the standalone bolt down concrete corer, or using our handheld coring unit. Our standalone bolt down concrete corer is an electric tower rig that can be vacuumed attached or bolted to surfaces, including floors, walls or even ceilings.

This rig will remove cores up to 250mm in diameter. Drilling depths for this machine vary up to 1.5m, depending on the core size required and the matrix of the material being cored. Our handheld coring unit has the versatility to be used in tight spaces, removing cores up to 100mm in diameter.

110-volt electric dynamic sampling rig

Designed for accessing internal sites to removal fume issues the unit is simply plugged into the mains through a 110-volt transformer it is great for quick shallow unconsolidated ground investigations where access through standard doors and fumes could create an issue.

Drilling depths for this machine vary depending on geology but is used for overburden sampling of unconsolidated material to depths of 6m but can with the correct geology achieve greater depths.

Cable percussive

Cable Percussive drilling offers a great deal of flexibility, as it can be used as a stand-alone piece of work or as a compliment to other drilling techniques being carried out on the same site. Using this technique disturbed and undisturbed samples can be obtained and logged.

We have the capability to drill in 150mm and 200mm diameter holes going down to depths of over 30m.

Windowless sampling and probing

Dynamic windowless sampling rigs are a useful tool for quick, shallow, unconsolidated ground investigations. Operating on small track bases, these rigs can generally access any site. The rigs are diesel-powered, but if required, we have the capability to allow for an electrical-powered rig.

Drilling depths for this machine vary depending on geology but is used for overburden sampling of unconsolidated material to depths of 6m with the correct geology, it can achieve greater depths.

Foundation Pits

We have extensive experience with excavating pits to expose existing foundations, using appropriate handheld tools. Nominal depths are 1.2mbgl for handheld excavations, with a wider hole to allow adequate viewing of the foundations.

All pits are backfilled and reinstated with either concrete or cold tarmacadam, depending upon the original surface.

All-terrain window sampling
Hand-held drilling
Rotary drilling
Concrete coring
Electric dynamic sampling
Cable percussive
Windowless sampling and probing
Foundation pits

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What our clients say

“It can be difficult to find a value-driven consultancy capable of offering meaningful and pragmatic advice at short notice. The LK Group does this. They tailor their services to a wide range of site-specific challenges on my sites and then get on with it. Their approach is always straightforward.”

Steve Lancaster
Director, Lancaster Maloney Limited




Geotechnical site investigations, slope stability, earthwork designs, plate load tests, basement impact assessments, in-situ geotechnical testing, coal mining risk assessment.

Contaminated Land

Site investigation, risk assessment, de-risking sites, validation, coal mining assessment, basement impact assessment–contamination, remediation design and validation.

SuDS and Flood Risk

Flood risk assessment, SuDS assessment and design, soakaway testing, river modelling, fluvial geomorphology, geographical information systems.

Land Drilling

All-terrain & handheld window sampling, rotary drilling, dynamic probing, concrete coring, cable percussive, gas & water installations, foundation pits, soakaways, falling head tests, CBR tests.

Land Remediation

Specialist remdiation contracting, site clearance, ground improvements, bulk earthworks, soil stabilisation, pilling matt installation, remediation strategy, site enabling works.

Japanese Knotweed

On-site spraying treatment, burial cells, screening, high-performance geo-membranes installation, off site removal, steering member of The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association.

Project Management

Client side project management and principal designer services to property developers, local authorities and property investors.

Air Tightness Testing

Air tightness testing and reporting, energy and sustainability reports.