Slope Stability Investigation

The LK Group was commissioned to investigate a large crack under a 25-year-old residential house. A site investigation and slope stability modelling found that the house was built on Victorian Made Ground that had failed pre-1960s and the failure zone had re-activated, which required a slope stability investigation.





Analysis and Rectification




Saved the building from collapsing.


Based on the findings, the solution was as follows:

  • Stabilise the slope and underpin the foundation raft.
  • Install drainage in the slope and made ground.
  • Prevent surface water from entering the made ground at the site and the top of the slope.
  • Temporarily support the unsupported section of raft foundation.
  • Cover the tension crack with a waterproof membrane.
  • Repair and rehabilitate the king post retaining wall.
  • Check all onsite drainage pipes and connections for performance and potential leakages.
  • Finally, confirm with United Utilities that the drainage was performing to specification and survey inverts.

Our site investigation combined several methods including dynamic window samples, cable percussive drilling, trial pitting, hand pitting, service excavations and soakaway tests. We carried out a full range of geotechnical and contamination testing, providing an interpretative report and separate Geotechnical Design Report. This comprehensive Bury residential investigation enabled us to tailor our solutions effectively to address the specific challenges of the site.


We are able to deliver a range of bespoke solutions through The LK Group scope of services – Investigations, Assessments, Earthworks, Ground Improvement, Invasive Species Control. The LK Group’s one-stop approach, with just one team enabling the project, reduces risk and saves our clients both time and money. Our expertise in Bury residential investigation and environmental consulting ensures that we provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.