Summer is in full swing and those lovely summer walks are just the antidote to a busy week at work. You may be unfortunate enough to find yourself in the presence of the dangers of Giant Hogweed.

Firstly, keep your distance. Any contact with the skin and this plant will deliver painful blisters and burns.

Secondly, watch your step. The presence of one plant indicates that there are probably more nearby.

What if I discover giant hogweed in my garden or on my site?


Although you are not legally obliged to remove giant hogweed, it really is wise to eradicate it. This is not a straightforward task and that is where we can help. Simply trying to move or cut away giant hogweed will not prove effective and could easily lead to injuries as toxic chemicals are released into the air.

Leave it to the specialists and give us a call. Our giant hogweed experts will talk you through a range of options to suit all budgets.