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Phase 2
Geotechnical Site

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Phase 2
Geotechnical Site

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Phase 2 Geotechnical
Site Investigation

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We carry out a phase 2 geotechnical site investigation to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock on your site.

Our team of geotechnical experts delivers practical solutions; geotechnical site investigation, slope stability assessments, land drilling, in-situ testing and basement impact assessments, that will see you through the feasibility, cost planning and construction phases of your project.


Why do I need a phase 2 geotechnical site investigation?

A phase 2 geotechnical site investigation will provide in-depth information on the ground conditions on your site. This allows for a geotechnical appraisal, design and advice, for foundations, earthworks and other geotechnical solutions. It typically involves the advancing of exploratory holes such as boreholes and trial pits to obtain disturbed and undisturbed soil samples for laboratory testing.

Why use us?

  • Established over 20 years
  • One-stop multidisciplinary
  • In-house land drilling with rigs
  • Collection of technical experts
  • Ex-local authority regulators in our team


Our phase 2 geotechnical site investigation can consist of one or more of the following:

Land drilling

We can determine the best locations for the intrusive investigations and will use our in-house drilling company to undertake the work alongside our experience geo-environmental engineers.

The intrusive investigation can range from all-terrain and handheld window sampling, rotary drilling, concrete coring, cable percussive, foundation pits and soakaway testing. The techniques used depends on what the development of the land/site will be being used for in the future, and the appropriate depths you would like the samples to be taken from.

Soil testing

Representative disturbed and undisturbed samples collected from the site investigation are forwarded onto a UKAS accredited laboratory for geotechnical testing, such as classification, strength and consolidation tests. The results are then used to inform the geotechnical design of the project.

Groundwater monitoring

Groundwater monitoring typically comprises the measurement of water levels and the recovery of water samples for laboratory analysis. 

In-situ testing

Our in-situ testing provides high-quality data for the behaviour of soil and rock, under well-controlled stress conditions. This will determine whether the ground conditions are suitable for your developments.

Land drilling
Soil testing
Groundwater monitoring
In-situ testing

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What our clients say

“In essence, it can be difficult to find a value-driven consultancy. Especially one that’s capable of offering meaningful and pragmatic advice at short notice. The LK Group, in contrast, never disappoints. In fact, they tailor their services to a wide range of site-specific challenges on my sites and then get on with it. Their approach, above all, is always straightforward.”

Steve Lancaster
Director, Lancaster Maloney Limited




Geotechnical site investigations, slope stability, earthwork designs, plate load tests, basement impact assessments, in-situ geotechnical testing, coal mining risk assessment.

Contaminated Land

Site investigation, risk assessment, de-risking sites, validation, coal mining assessment, basement impact assessment–contamination, remediation design and validation.

SuDS and Flood Risk

Flood risk assessment, SuDS assessment and design, soakaway testing, river modelling, fluvial geomorphology, geographical information systems.

Land Drilling

All-terrain & handheld window sampling, rotary drilling, dynamic probing, concrete coring, cable percussive, gas & water installations, foundation pits, soakaways, falling head tests, CBR tests.

Land Remediation

Specialist remdiation contracting, site clearance, ground improvements, bulk earthworks, soil stabilisation, pilling matt installation, remediation strategy, site enabling works.

Japanese Knotweed

On-site spraying treatment, burial cells, screening, high-performance geo-membranes installation, off site removal, steering member of The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association.

Project Management

Client side project management and principal designer services to property developers, local authorities and property investors.

Air Tightness Testing

Air tightness testing and reporting, energy and sustainability reports.