Major Redevelopment – Trafford Town Hall, Manchester

The LK Group was appointed as lead Project Manager for a redevelopment of Trafford Town Hall. There were several primary objectives. Our pivotal role in this project extends beyond traditional project management.The goals were to save the council millions in maintenance costs, reduce the number of administrative buildings from six to one and preserve this heritage asset for future generations of Trafford residents. On a day-to-day basis, we expertly managed the Design and Build Contractor and the design team, ensuring seamless coordination and optimal progress throughout the redevelopment process. This undertaking reflects our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and the enduring legacy of Trafford Town Hall.




Trafford Council


Project Management- Major redevelopment 


Trafford Town Hall, Trafford Park, Manchester  

How long

2 Years


Redevelopment of Trafford Town Hall


We managed the refurbishment of this Grade II listed town hall, including an historic council chamber and creation of meeting rooms. The 1980s extension was demolished for 45,000 sq. ft of new, open plan office space, accommodated within three, two-storey wings. This included a new public reception and conference facility and a two-storey internal street. The building is the first in Europe to incorporate heating and cooling fed from a natural Aquifer under the site.


This redevelopment saved the council £2 million in annual maintenance costs. Beyond the immediate financial benefits, the project stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices, environmental responsibility and the preservation of historic landmarks. Ready to embark on your next project? Contact us today and discover how The LK Group can bring efficiency and expertise to your redevelopment requirements.