Ecologically Sensitive Brownfield Regeneration

The LK Group was asked to complete a pre-purchase site assessment and options appraisal with limited site investigation, to infill the scope gap within historical ground investigations by others for this residential development at a former pottery and brickworks.

We reviewed the site and provided an updated survey for the extent of invasive species, together with an infill SI to delineate and define areas previously identified as
contaminated. We also provided a remediation strategy, gas mitigation measures, and geotechnical preliminary design recommendations.





Site Assessment and Scope Gap Ground Investigation


Alderholt, East Dorset

How long

1 week


Achieved savings for our client by retaining materials otherwise destined for offsite disposal.


Our designed investigation was for a pre-purchase assessment and undertaken on a rapid turnaround, to allow suitable assessment of ground conditions across the area.

The site investigation comprised of auger and window sample boreholes, mechanically excavated trial pits, soil & water sampling and monitoring. The Conceptual Site Model was updated using information from the previous and new site investigations and the environmental and geotechnical risks were assessed allowing the area to be zoned for optioning of both earthworks and foundation design across the site.


Through, careful design and planning, The LK Group assessed the environmental and geotechnical hazards and risks across the site as low. We recommended optimisation of the site remediation phasing and strategy, to maximise the reuse of site-derived materials for the design of the large onsite underground balancing tank. We achieved savings for our client by retaining materials otherwise destined for off-site disposal.