Basement design, with party wall & Geotechnical hazard assessment

The LK Group was asked to undertake a preliminary risk assessment and geotechnical site investigation to assess party wall geo-hazards and a safe methodology for the reconstruction of this property, including full basement.

A complex site history, with the attached garage being previously sold to the neighbouring property, necessitated a careful assessment and proposal for both the basement design and methodology of construction.





Residential rebuild with basement design and assessment


Hendon, Northwest London

How long

2 Weeks


Proceeded with full discharge of planning conditions


We designed a site investigation to determine a suitable assessment of the ground conditions across the site, allowing for the varying elevations. We also delivered a preliminary basement design and construction assessment. The investigation comprised of window sample boreholes, mechanically excavated trial pits, soil, and water sampling and monitoring.

The foundation pits were undertaken in two stages: externally during the family occupation and internally once the property became vacant.


T​hrough careful desk study and site observation during the ground investigation process, The LK Group was able to unlock the complex planning basement assessment and design, maintain the safe geotechnical hazard assessment for the party walls, and allow for the site to proceed with full discharge of planning conditions.