Regeneration – Salford, Manchester

The LK Group was commissioned by Urban Splash to assist with the regeneration of Irwell Riverside, a brownfield site in close proximity to the river Irwell in Salford. The site was formerly occupied by a number of industrial and residential dwellings including; a large cotton mill, iron works, brewery, pub and smaller terraced housing.

The challenges we faced included: a tree preservation order, relic foundations, potential for contaminants assimilating in the made ground, problematic flora species including Japanese Knotweed, Horsetail and Giant Hogweed.



Urban Splash 


Regeneration, Contaminated Land Remediation with Site Validation 


Springfield Lane, Salford, Manchester

How long

2 Weeks Site Investigation, 13 Weeks Remediation.


The LK Group saved our client £160,000


Previous work by other consultants had recommended a substantial environmental capping layer in all gardens, proprietary gas protection in all buildings and localised uprated vapour protection in selected buildings.

After additional delineation work and further assessment we were able to reduce the requirement for the environmental capping layer and remove the need for a gas and vapour membrane in all plots.

We devised a remediation strategy to mitigate disposals off site and importation of fills to the void. All works were carried out in accordance with the CL:AIRE CoP.

Our works included the isolations of trees with conservational value, allowing for retention during the development stage, additional testing of the soil strata for safe reuse in other areas on site, relic foundations and hard standings lifted, crushed and utilised within the plot footprints as pilling matts, excavation and herbicide treatment implemented on invasive plants affecting future development works. Approvals of the remediation process were granted by both the EA and the local authority Contaminated Land Officers.


Through our substantial experience and knowledge we were able to mitigate disposal and reduce the need for expensive remediation and gas mitigation measures. We saved our client approximately £160,000.

We reduced the amount of arisings leaving the site and also protected the site from off-site contamination. All this while allowing new service connections to be installed form the footpaths.