Pochin Construction site survey – Wigan

Pochin Construction was in final negotiations to construct an 110,000 sq ft speculative warehouse on the outskirts of Wigan. The site development was to comprise of a large car parking area, loading bays, dock levellers and an extensive concrete wagon park and turning circle.

The LK Group was invited to carry out an initial survey to determine the extent of the Japanese Knotweed. We found the site to be moderately contaminated however, the strands of Japanese Knotweed were just outside the main areas of concern and a number of disposal and/or on-site treatment methods would be suitable for this site.



Pochin Construction


Japanese Knotweed Remediation (On-site)



How long

3 Weeks



Following volumetric calculations on the proposed green space, we developed a strategy to retain all material on-site, while clearing all infestations form the construction zones, allowing works to progress after just two days. This ensured construction progress without delays and minimised environmental impact.


Implementing root barrier membranes, we successfully retained all Japanese Knotweed material on-site. This not only saved significantly on both time and costs but also demonstrated our commitment to sustainable practices in construction site management.

This case study highlights The LK Group’s ability to provide efficient and cost-effective Japanese Knotweed remediation solutions, contributing to the success of construction projects while maintaining environmental responsibility.