Phase 2 Site Investigation – Gloucestershire

The LK Group was asked to complete a Phase 2 geoenvironmental site investigation for a housing development at a former hospital landfill in Gloucestershire. The main hospital site had previously been investigated by a 3rd party, but the landfill area had not been adequately assessed. We were asked to design an investigation to delineate the lateral and vertical extent of the landfill and assess the risks posed to the development from ground gasses associated with the landfill.

To learn more about best practices in geoenvironmental site investigations, you can refer to the guidelines provided by the Environment Agency.





Brownfield regeneration



How long

12 Weeks



In consultation with the Local Authority Contaminated Land Officer, we designed a site investigation to allow suitable assessment of ground conditions across the area.

A site investigation was completed to relevant industry standards, including window sample boreholes, mechanically excavated trial pits, soil and water sampling and subsequent gas monitoring . Site works were completed under significant constraints due to the presence of badgers and Japanese knotweed, the sensitive nature of the site and physical access constraints .

The Conceptual Site Model was updated using information from the previous and new site investigations and the risk was assessed.


Through careful design and planning The LK Group assessed the gas risk posed by the landfill as low and recommended that no remediation measures were required. This was accepted by the local authority and resulted in significant time and cost saving to the development.