James Hall & Co Ltd (SPAR) – Lancashire

The LK Group was commissioned by James Hall & Co Ltd, owners of the SPAR franchise for most of the UK, to tackle an infestation of Japanese Knotweed on one of their sites, located in Lancashire. The site was previously a working men’s club in North Manchester that was heavily infested with Japanese Knotweed. The invasive species was growing between concrete slabs and affecting the brickwork of the existing building, making it imperative to address the issue immediately.​



James Hall & Co Ltd (SPAR)


Japanese Knotweed



How long

2 Weeks 


Saved the client 40% of landfill and transport costs.


The LK Group developed a remediation strategy that allowed the building to be demolished without disturbing the rhizome. We supervised the demolition process to ensure no cross-contamination occurred and installed extensive membrane across the site to protect the car park and boundaries from future damage by off-site Japanese Knotweed.


Due to the extent of infestation, it was necessary for us to develop a combined remediation strategy and demolition plan to reduce the amount of material to be excavated from site, saving the Client in excess of 40% on landfill and transport costs. The LK Group’s innovative approach not only saved our client significant costs but also ensured that the site was fully remediated, making it safe for future use.

Our work at James Hall & Co Ltd’s SPAR site in Lancashire was critical in mitigating the potential environmental impact of Japanese Knotweed on the surrounding area. The successful remediation of the site allowed our client to move forward with their plans for redevelopment, bringing new investment and opportunities to the local community.