Japanese Knotweed & Giant Hogweed – Manchester City Centre

The LK Group was commissioned by a national residential property developer to provide a remediation for a sensitive brownfield site in Manchester City Centre, situated adjacent to the River Irwell. The site was a former cotton mill and works that had been demolished prior to commencement.

The site was demolished to slab level, however relic foundations were present, as were extensive basements and drains, culverts and sewer runs. The site was affected by the 2015 Boxing Day floods and as such there was a wide spread of Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed emergences.





Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed 


Manchester City Centre

How long

20 Weeks



With support form our in-house environmental consultants, The LK Group developed a land remediation scheme that allowed us to excavate certain areas of the site ready for treatment and disposal while not disturbing contaminated groundwater that was due to be remediated at a later date.

Our remediation division was also responsible for the wider remediation of the site.

Over 400m2 of Japanese Knotweed was relocated to a secure holding area before being disposed of, while the remaining Invasive Species was subjected to root barrier membranes and a herbicide treatment programme.


We reduced the amount of arisings leaving site and also protected the site form off-site contamination. All this while allowing new service connections to be installed from the footpaths.