Feasibility & De-Risking: Remote UK

The LK Group was commissioned to carry out feasibility studies and geotechnical investigations of 40no.geographical remote locations across England, Scotland and Wales to assess suitability of the ground and locations for citing telecoms masts and towers. 





Feasibility and De-risking


Geographically Remote UK Areas

How long



Delivery of a range of bespoke solutions through The LK Group scope of services


To successfully deliver this project, we have drawn upon our extensive experience and project management skills. We ensured compliance with telecoms requirements, delivered a quick turnaround on desk studies and site visits and conducted accurate geotechnical investigations in remote locations.

Our team carried out intrusive auguring, immediately assessing ground conditions, including ground gas and contamination potential. We identified geotechnical risks and site constraints, establishing permitting, archaeological, and environmental requirements. Further assessments have also established unexploded ordnance and flood risk.

Our reporting includes access route path analysis, tower and mast foundation solutions, temporary construction works advice, and long-term maintenance constraints. Where topography is steep, we have also provided site and slope stability de-risking.

This project greatly benefited from our geotechnical investigations, which are part of our comprehensive services. We ensured that all potential risks were thoroughly assessed and mitigated.


We delivered a range of bespoke solutions through The LK Group’s scope of services, including investigations, assessments, earthworks, ground improvement and invasive species remediation. Our one-stop approach, with just one team enabling the project, reduces risk and saves our clients both time and money. This approach exemplifies our commitment to comprehensive feasibility studies and de-risking for complex projects.