Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire Assessment

The client was applying for planning consent to construct a residence for the site manager of a fish farm, apparently within Flood Zone 3. The site is located in Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire, close to a river and large area of individual trout farm breeding ponds and watercourses.



Dunsop Bridge Trout Farm 


Flood Risk Assessment


Dunsop, Lancashire

How long

8 Weeks


Delivery of a range of bespoke solutions through The LK Group scope of services


Comparison of flood levels using topographical data showed that the proposed residence was actually in Flood Zone 2 and, while the site was still at flood risk the development was shown to be viable. When the detail is considered on a site-specific basis, and further studies are carried out, flood zones can often be found to be inaccurate and a case for development can be successfully pursued.


The LK Group successfully assisted in gaining consent, where the planning authority had dismissed development due to the site being in Flood Zone 3. Confirmation of support was received from the Lead Local Flood Authority for a Water Compatible Development with a benefit to the environment.

The LK Group’s flood risk assessment played a crucial role in enabling the successful planning consent for the construction of a residence for the site manager of Dunsop Bridge Trout Farm.