Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire Assessment

The client, Dunsop Bridge Trout Farm, was applying for planning consent to construct a residence for the site manager within Flood Zone 3. Located in Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire, close to a river and trout breeding ponds.



Dunsop Bridge Trout Farm 


Flood Risk Assessment


Dunsop, Lancashire

How long

8 Weeks


Delivery of a range of bespoke solutions through The LK Group scope of services


We compared flood levels using topographical data, revealing the proposed residence was actually in Flood Zone 2. Despite flood risk, development was viable. Site-specific detail and further studies often render flood zone inaccuracies, enabling successful development pursuit.

Our flood risk assessment services, a cornerstone of our offerings, provided crucial insights into the viability of the proposed development.


The LK Group’s flood risk assessment led to gaining consent, overcoming planning authority dismissal due to Flood Zone 3. Support from the Lead Local Flood Authority confirmed Water Compatible Development, benefiting the environment.

Our flood risk assessment played a crucial role in enabling successful planning consent for the construction of a residence at Dunsop Bridge Trout Farm.

Additionally, our comprehensive assessment ensured that the development plans were aligned with environmental regulations, providing peace of mind for both the client and the community. The careful consideration of flood risk factors and proactive mitigation strategies underscored our commitment to sustainable development practices. Furthermore, our expertise in flood risk assessment extends to various industries, including residential, commercial and infrastructure projects, ensuring comprehensive risk management for our clients.