Outline Drainage Strategy – Blackburn, Lancashire

Our client, Rule Five Land Limited, aimed to apply for consent for a 700 dwelling site in Blackburn, Lancashire. This encompassed infrastructure, schools, local amenities, and a new road network. Despite the site not being in a flood zone, its size necessitated a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA).



Rule Five Land Limited 


Outline Drainage Strategy & Flood Risk Assessment


Blackburn, Lancashire

How long

7 Weeks



We provided a staged option appraisal during the project development, resulting in a Flood Risk Assessment with Outline Drainage Strategy for application. Our services included a constraints assessment, utilities assessment and permeability assessment, alongside a Sustainable Drainage Strategy, including calculation.

Our expertise in outline drainage strategies and flood risk assessments ensured that the project development proceeded smoothly and efficiently. We implemented a comprehensive approach, considering various factors to deliver a robust strategy tailored to the specific requirements of the site.


We delivered a staged assessment, which quantified project risk through project development and reduced unnecessary outcasts. Ultimately, we provided justification for development of this site, increasing the land value whilst satisfying a known requirement for housing in the area.

Our collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail resulted in a successful outcome, benefiting both our client and the community.