Cadine Gardens residual growth

Birmingham City Council enlisted The LK Group to address residual regrowth​ of Japanese knotweed at Cadine Gardens, presenting a unique challenge in a highly sensitive area.



Birmingham City Council


Japanese knotweed remediation


Cadine Gardens, Moseley, Birmingham

How long




Our solution was a multi-step process that involved excavation, root barrier installation, backfilling with uncontaminated soil, and ongoing monitoring and treatment.The LK Group carried out a full excavation of the heavily infested soils. This was followed by the installation of a geotextile root barrier membrane. The backfill of uncontaminated soil completed the process and the site will be monitored for four years under our herbicide and treatment programme.


The LK Group delivered a holistic service to Birmingham City Council, using a multi-step process. This process involved comprehensive surveying, excavation, and eradication services. It not only addressed the identified Japanese knotweed on the main site but also identified and eradicated the infestation on an adjacent site that would have otherwise continued to spread. This is a significant achievement, given the challenges involved in controlling this highly invasive species. The accomplishment highlights our commitment to overcoming challenges and controlling this highly invasive species effectively.

This case study demonstrates The LK Group’s expertise in delivering sustainable solutions for Japanese knotweed management, ensuring the protection of the environment and neighbouring properties.


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