Gladman Development Solutions – Blean, Kent

The LK Group was approached by Gladman Developments to provide a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) and an outline Sustainable Drainage Strategy (SuDS) for a proposed development in Kent. The village had a history of flooding issues and our challenge was to deliver a SuDS strategy that was both practical and economical. Since the site falls away from the nearest sewers, it would require pumping flows uphill to make a connection. There was a very shallow ditch towards the northern boundary that had become blocked over time by an adjacent development and through general neglect.



Gladman Developments Limited


SuDS & Flood Risk Assessments


Blean, Kent

How long

20 Weeks 


Provided detailed information to facilitate the development


An analysis of the ground levels showed the majority of the drainage within the site would fall away from the village and would not increase the risk of local flooding. To assure the local planning authorities that a viable connection could be made to the shallow ditch, we developed a drainage system which included swales and kerb drains. The local planning authority required proof of the onward flow routes and maintenance requirements. To satisfy this, we carried out route tracing and watercourse mapping and entered into detailed discussions with the lead local flood authority.


Through our discussions with the Local Land Drainage Authority (LLDA), it was confirmed that they would provide legal support for the clearance of land drainage blockages, avoiding any requirement to provide surface water pumping facilities and maximising both the developable area and the value of the land. This collaboration between The LK Group and Gladman Developments ensured a successful outcome for the project.