Analysis & Assessment of Basement Water Samples

The LK Group was commissioned by civil and structural consultants, Bell Munro Consulting to provide an analysis and assessment of water samples taken from a partially flooded basement in central Bristol.

This basement to a large commercial building was suffering from recurring incidents of partial flooding, causing disruption to its continued use. Water ingress was occurring within car parking areas and in a crawl space beneath a stairwell. The source of the water ingress was unknown.



Bell Munro Consulting


Analysis and Assessment of Basement Water Samples

Central Bristol
How long
3 weeks
Assessment findings enabled the client to progress with the design of remedial works.


The safe undertaking of our works was key due to this being the basement of an active car parking area. We were able to obtain several samples of water from the crawl space, which were then sent for laboratory analysis.

The samples were analysed for a range of parameters, to establish whether the water source was likely to be from: a leaking potable or sewer pipe, ground water ingress, surface water ingress or surface water runoff from the road network.


Our analysis and assessment demonstrated that the water ingress was most likely attributed to groundwater entering via penetrations to the floor slabs. This allowed the client to progress with the design of remedial works.