Need some Japanese knotweed top tips on how to handle such outgrowth? Here are some helpful hints on the identification and treatment of Japanese knotweed, so keep an eye out whilst gardening this summer.

Identification of Japanese knotweed

Can you identify it? There are many plants and weeds out there that look similar to Japanese knotweed.  In early spring, Japanese knotweed will resemble bamboo-like stems with purple speckles. When fully grown, leaves will be the size of your hand and resemble the ace of spades in shape.

Don’t cut it back

Like many species, cutting back Japanese knotweed promotes further growth. Did you know that it can grow by up to 10cm a day during summer?

Don’t panic and don’t try to treat it yourself

We often see stands of Japanese knotweed that have been treated incorrectly – wrong time, too much herbicide, burnt, doused with diesel and so on. If not treated professionally, it WILL grow back.

Choose an experienced specialist

Refer to the INNSA website to find a specialist. INNSA members are committed to providing the highest possible level of service to their customers and all members provide Insurance Backed Guarantees. The LK Group is a member of INNSA.

Dispose of only at a licensed landfill

Did you know that it is against the law to dispose of Japanese knotweed incorrectly? There are only a few locations across the country that can accept and dispose of Japanese knotweed and you will need a Waste Carrier License to transport it. Specialists will be able to dispose of the plant correctly for you.

If you believe that you have Japanese knotweed in your garden, we can identify it. Please feel free to send us a photo to, call us or email with any queries. We are happy to help!

Japanese knotweed top tips from The LK Group