SuDS and
Flood Risk

SuDS and
Flood Risk

SuDS and
Flood Risk

LK Group offers and delivers Flood Risk Assessment and Sustainable Drainage Strategies (SuDS) to support developers, planners, architects, and designers.

Our Flood and Drainage Team of qualified Engineers and Environmental Scientists can interpret potential constraints and provide cost-effective solutions for your development. We provide client-centered and bespoke advice to help you maximize the value of your land.

We use our experience to provide solutions to any potential flooding and drainage issues and provide structured guidance through the master planning process from a quick, ‘first opinion’ constraints report, to a Flood Risk Assessment supported by hydraulic modelling of river flows.

Increasingly SuDS strategies and drainage solutions are required by approving bodies and statutory consultees prior to Planning Approvals. These can be provided at outline level or with more detail.

What we do:

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What we do:

  • Flood Risk assessments
  • SuDs testing
  • Soakaway testing
  • River Modelling
  • Fluvial Geomorphology
  • GIS

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What our clients say

“Excellent service and, importantly, very pragmatic. One of the best consultancies I work with.”

Andrew Leyssens
Developer Services and Planning – Business Operations, United Utilities