Heathrow, London – Asbestos Refurbishment Survey

Airwave is the largest private operator of a public safety network in the world, delivering voice and data communications to more than 300 emergency and public service agencies in Great Britain. The LK Group was commissioned by Heyrod Communications on behalf of Airwave to undertake a refurbishment survey to all cable runs and access routes prior to installation of the communication equipment.



Heyrod Communications 


Asbestos Refurbishment Survey


Holiday Inn, Heathrow Airport, London

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The LK Group agreed to attend initial planning meetings to ensure that any potential asbestos liabilities were taken into account during the project design process This early cooperation enabled us to influence the design of the project from the outset.


Our early involvement helped the client to avoid potential asbestos risks and enabled a reduction in scope of the survey required. We gained a greater understanding of exactly what was required form an installation of this type and provided our client with a better understanding of what is required from an asbestos survey.

Our cooperative working reduced disruption for the building occupiers and resulted in both time and cost savings for our client.