Residents Unite Against Tide of Japanese Knotweed

Knotweed leaves

In a quiet North Manchester back street a group of residents has successfully come together to fight against what only can be described as a relentless wave of Japanese Knotweed to the rear of their homes.

We’ve been asked to keep their names and details under wraps for obvious reasons but this infestation has plagued these residents for years, causing havoc to each and every back garden. In recent times, every mortgage and re-mortgage application has been refused on properties in this street, making life increasingly difficult for the potential vendors.

The Japanese Knotweed stems from Moston Brook, a rich wildlife corridor in the local area, largely untouched for decades with many native species thriving in the valley. Unbeknown to local residents, a hidden alien species has rapidly infested the valley, creeping into individual gardens and even pushing out native species from the once rich wildlife corridor.

So why does this story stand out from similar scenarios we hear of? Yes, the Japanese Knotweed has colonised an area of 4,000m2 in a very short time and yes, residents of an entire street in North Manchester cannot sell or re-mortgage their houses. It is however the fact that a community has come together as one, to fight the infestation in a combined and coordinated way; a rare scenario indeed.

Twice yearly we gain access to the infested gardens and treat up to each boundary. A team of sprayers follows, working in a line of attack towards the source of the problem at Moston Brook. Each property is treated at the same time and rate, by the same method. We also treat the valley in the same way.

When you think about it, doesn’t that make perfect sense? Join forces with your neighbours, treat the infestation as a team and share the cost. The end result; the weed does not grow back and everybody gains that all-important INNSA guarantee and with it the freedom to sell their property! Simple really, but you would not believe how often a very different scenario ensues, from the resident who refuses to believe how bad the infestation is, to the resident who simply argues that the problem originates from a neighbouring plot and is therefore nothing to do with them. There is then the resident who denies all knowledge of the infestation, ignoring it and facing a much bigger problem only a few years later.

I take my hat off to these residents for listening, joining forces and being so proactive about tackling the problem together. It seems that community spirit does still exist and at last, human kind has a chance..…ok that last one is stretching it a bit, but well done for fighting back!

The Invasive Plant Company has been treating the Japanese Knotweed for two years on this North Manchester street. We’ve already seen that a coordinated approach really does speed up the treatment of Invasive Species. Why not contact us to see how an INNSA guarantee could help you with your mortgage application?


Conor Leyden

Invasive Plant Company