Residents Unite Against Tide of Japanese Knotweed

Knotweed leaves

Residents Unite Against Tide of Japanese Knotweed


In a quiet North Manchester back street a group of residents has successfully come together to fight against what only can be described as a relentless wave of Japanese Knotwe...


It’s a Goat’s Life!


As originally reported by the BBC, Brian Knox of Washington has trained his Eco Goats to merrily munch their way through a variety of Invasive Species which are currently to b...


Stuart Pearce voices fears over asbestos exposure


Pearce helped launch the latest HSE awareness campaign just days before he was sacked by Forest. Pearce fears his ignorance about the fatal fibre when he worked for four years...

Asbestos soil 2 resized

Asbestos in Soils


To reinforce our position in the land remediation market, the industry has been issued with new guidance for dealing with asbestos in soils and made ground; CIRIA Document No ...

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Founding Member of INNSA


The Invasive Plant Company part of the LK Group are proud to announce we are founding members of The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association (INNSA) The Invasive Non-Nativ...