LK Group invest in post graduate trainning scheme

Leyden Kirby Associates formed 10 years ago in April 1998 as a partnership dealing with a small range of environmental issues. By 2001 the decision was made by the partners to expand the company so to be able to address a wider range of services as an Environmental Consultancy. LK Associates then became a Limited company in 2003 and following further rapid success and growth underwent a reorganisation in 2007. The reorganisation allowed the company to define four main service areas all of which now practice under the LK Group umbrella.

The LK Group is now one of the northwest’s leading providers of Environmental Consultancy services and owes this success to their continually expanding team of professionals. The LK Group believe strongly that the only way to continue to provide their clients with high quality solutions and technical advice is to hand pick the most talented, skilled and customer focussed professionals and to continue to invest in their development throughout their professional life.

The LK Group continually seek out and encourage their staff attend the most current training course in relation to their specific fields. This could involve attending seminars, conferences, day and week long short courses and post graduate courses. The LK Group also provide monthly in house training courses aimed at both individual departments and across the entire company.

This dedicated approach to investing in their staff has increased significantly over the past three years and as such the LK Group set up a Post Graduate Training Scheme in 2005 which is aimed at offering individuals the chance to undertake and be supported through post graduate programs in their relevant field. The LK Group currently has two individuals undertaking such courses, with one, Matt Montgomery due to graduate later this year.

Matt started his course in September 2006 at Manchester University studying a Masters of Arts (MA) in Environmental Impact Assessment and Management. Matt, who works with LK Pollution Response, chose this particular course as it was envisaged that this would reflect the changing nature of pre planning appraisals for large development sites in the UK. The course has a strong emphasis on sustainability and strategic assessment of plans, policies and programs which should enable Matt and the LK Group to be at the forefront of current environmental thinking and legislation.

Matt has recently completed his dissertation which was based on the feasibility of renewable energy for new developments which has subsequently generated a new department with the company to legislative requirements and developers needs. Now, having finished his Masters and awaiting graduation, Matt looks forward to the benefits of undertaking a post graduate program will have on his career path:

“It was very worthwhile and very interesting. I am very grateful for the opportunity and funding that the LK Group has provided me with.”

The second of the two individuals, Michelle Fallone will be completing her Masters of Research (MRes) in Contaminated Land Management at Nottingham University next year. Although the taught aspect of the course has been completed, her dissertation on the risks associated with redevelopment burial sites will not be completed until next Autumn. Michelle who works with LK Associates Contaminated Land team said:

“Like Matt I have been very fortunate to have received encouragement, support and funding from the LK Group for my chosen course. Without the funding in particular I would not have been financially able to undertake my studies. I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me and look forward to putting my new found knowledge into action for the company.”