Flood Risk News

In a series of recent reports the Environment Agency (EA) has stated that one in every six homes (2.4m properties) are under threat of flooding from rising sea levels and heavy rain. Continued investment in flood defences is therefore required by central and local government. However, the Local Government Association has said that 60 per cent of councils lacked the money to reduce the risk of flooding.

The EA also revealed that 430,000 people in flood risk areas had signed up to its early warning services, which notify people in high risk areas of an impending flood. Whilst the EA continues to invest in managing flood risk they cannot always prevent flooding, so communities and individuals need to take responsibility for being prepared.

You can find out if your property is likely to be at risk of flooding by visiting the EA flood mapping website (’What’s in my Backyard’ – mapping area) and entering your postcode. This mapping is not very detailed and therefore, if you need more information, a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) will determine the actual risk, taking into account levels and defences. Most developments requiring planning permission in flood risk areas, and all developments over a hectare in area, will need a FRA to accompany the application as required by PPS25.

If you find that you are at significant flood risk then you should sign up to the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service and investigate what realistic actions you can take to reduce the likelihood of your property being affected, reduce the damage that flooding can cause and reduce the costs of repair and re-insurance. LKA can advise on all the relevant issues and recommend costeffective practical solutions. For further information contact Phil Hunter at p.hunter@thelkgroup.com.