Buy Asbestos on eBay?


How is it that we have banned any usage or importation of asbestos materials into the UK but you can still buy it on eBay for £4.99? Tremolite is a type of asbestos known to cause Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer, to name just two of the life limiting conditions affecting thousands of UK citizens.

Apparently, Green Tremolite’s energy is known to help open new physical and spiritual pathways in the brain and subtle bodies allowing spiritual development from the crown chakras into the transpersonal chakras where you are able to access information available in the spiritual realms.

Green Tremolite has a powerful resonance, so powerful and so compelling that it is often hard to pull out of it. It creates a deep sense of love, peace and harmony that people have said it is often difficult to put the crystal down.

Not something we’d like on our bedside table. We’ll take blocked chakras over blocked lungs any day!